How Long Do Car Air Fresheners Last

How Long Do Car Air Fresheners Last

by Dotun Akinsuru on December 30, 2021 Categories: Blog

You might have just walked out of the store with a newly purchased air freshener for your car while subtly wondering, how long would this last for?. The answer to this question is dependent on several factors raging from the type, quality and even price.

Presently, there are six types of car air fresheners, which are;

  • Hanging car air freshener
  • Vent car air freshener
  • Stick-on car air freshener
  • Can car air freshener
  • Spray car air freshener
  • Plug-in car air freshener

The most common type of these car air fresheners is the hanging type, which comes in different versions of which the most regular happen to be the hanging cardboard type.

Typically, depending on the type of air freshener you've purchased, it would last anywhere from a few weeks to about two years.


What Are Little Trees And How Long Do They Last?

Little trees are disposable air fresheners shaped like a styled evergreen tree, marketed for use in motor vehicles and most commonly seen hanging from rear-view mirrors. They are made of a specially formulated absorbent material produced in a variety of colors and scents. A pack of little trees hanging car air freshener can keep your car fresh for an entire year, as it contains 24 trees that can each last up to seven weeks.


Why Buy Air Fresheners For Your Car?

  • They remove pet odors: Pets have become part of our lives and in most cases, we often take them along with us while driving. Bearing this in mind, there is a huge chance that your car might smell like your favorite pet if you don't make use of removable coverings for your seats and rear cargo space.In this case, installing air fresheners in your car would help to remove pet odors.
  • Removes smoke smell from your vehicle: One of the hardest smells to get rid of in a vehicle is cigarette smell, most especially if the smoke has soaked into the fabrics of the car interiors. Deep cleaning may help to get rid of majority of the smoke smell, however, air fresheners might be required to completely eliminate it.
  • Try out a little car aromatheraphy: Maybe you happen to be someone who enjoys relaxing with some lovely scents while driving. Car air fresheners can help influence your mood during commutes, this is a way to enjoy in-car aromatheraphy.
  • Revives that new car smell: Vehicles need aroma refreshing every once in a while, just like our homes. Buying air fresheners for your car helps to bring back the lovely smell you perceived when you first bought the car. Furthermore, if you're looking forward to sell your car, then making sure it smells nice and fresh definitely increases your bargaining power.


How Often Should You Change Your Car Air Freshener?

Changing the air-freshener in your car is dependent on the type of deodorant being purchased and the quality. Usually, all car air fresheners will last between a range of about a few weeks to two years. Bearing this in mind, the general rule of thumb is to replace them once they stop smelling.


Do Air Fresheners Expire?

Like most products that are manufactured, they always have a shelf life, and air fresheners are no exemption. Most air fresheners only have a shelf life of two years, therefore it is important to check for the expiration date on your air freshener when buying it.



 Auto air fresheners come in different forms, some lasting way more than others. It is imperative to note that your choice of car air fresheners would be different from the next motorist with several factors to consider based on the type, down to how much you are willing to spend. If you are looking for air fresheners to buy, then you should look no further than We stack quality air fresheners with great aroma and also a wide collection of products to ease and satisfy your driving comfort.

 For more tips on car air fresheners, check out the video below