How To Convert a Car Vacuum Cleaner To Home Use

How To Convert a Car Vacuum Cleaner To Home Use

by Jake Fleming on December 30, 2021 Categories: Blog

Vacuum cleaners are essential home tools needed for cleaning the place and to keep your house in a clean condition. However, some vacuum cleaners become faulty after a few years and at some point, you might find yourself wanting to clean the house but your vacuum cleaner is not working and you just might not have the time to drive down to walmart. In such cases, you can use a car vacuum cleaner to clean your house.

Although the car vacuum cleaners may not work with sockets inside your house, some techniques allow you to convert your car’s vacuum cleaner to use inside your home and we will discuss some of these methods in this article.


  • Using an AC to 12V DC Cigarette Lighter Converter

The easiest way to use the car vacuum cleaner for home is to buy an AC to 12V DC cigarette lighter converter which is available on Amazon for between $10 to $25.


  • Using a PSU Unit

A PSU unit is used to convert 220v ac to 12v dc and ensures 400W of power. To connect to the PSU unit, first, remove the covering case of the vacuum cleaner so that the circuit and wires are revealed. Then remove the wire on the vacuum cleaner connecting to the battery and connect it to the PSU unit. Finally, mount the PSU unit at the right place to prevent any damage.


  •  Buy a 2in1 Vacuum Cleaner For Home and Car

When buying your next vacuum cleaner, go for a 2in1 vacuum cleaner that is designed to be used both in your home as well as inside your car. The average price for a 2in1 vacuum cleaner is between $200 to $350 and it can be easily ordered from Amazon.



These are the 3 appropriate ways you could use a car vacuum cleaner in your home and easily keep your home clean even if your house vacuum cleaner is not working. We would suggest you go with the first option which is buying a converted to conveniently convert your car accessory to be used in the home. You can also buy vacuum cleaners of superior quality here on Topdrive. For a video tutorial on this topic, please check out the video below