How to Use Car Cleaning Gel

How to Use Car Cleaning Gel

by Jake Fleming on December 30, 2021 Categories: Blog

Whenever someone buys a new car, he or she is very particular about not eating inside the car and keeping the interior clean. However, a few months later you will find that food particle as well as other dust and debris particles that are difficult to remove.

Some people use a car vacuum cleaner to clean the easily exposed area but for some places such as the deep console pockets and air conditioning vents, the vacuum head and does not reach, and for that you need this useful product known as the car cleaning gel.


What is a Car Cleaning Gel?

A car cleaning gel also known as putty is a flubber-like substance that is sticky and can attract dust particles easily. Due to its gel-like material, it can easily be inserted in deep pockets and used in spaces such as car ac vents to remove dust and particles.


How to use the car cleaning gel?

To use the car cleaning gel, simply stick the gel firmly onto a surface then press lightly and finally peel it off. These cleaning gels are meant to be reused a couple of times before they lose their stickiness and can be thrown away. Simply check the video below for a visual representation of how to make use of cleaning gels


Can I wash the car cleaning gel?

The car cleaning gel is not meant to be washed and should also be kept away from direct sunlight to prevent it from melting.


Is Car Cleaning Putty Reusable?

Car cleaning slime can easily pick up dust and debris in the crevices and nooks, that other regular cleaning can't reach. Most putty's are reusable as they will continue to pick up dust and debris till their color eventually changes. When the color becomes so dirty however, you might have to ditch the putty and get another one.


What is the price of the car cleaning gel?

The car cleaning gel can be easily purchased for as low as $5 to up to $15 depending on the quality and other features. For example, some cleaning gels have a special scent.



If you are someone who likes to keep their car clean, then this cleaning gel is a must-have. Once you have completely cleaned your car interior with brushes and a vacuum, use this gel to wipe the dust off hard-to-reach areas and your car will feel like brand new. Visit Topdrive to buy quality cleaning gels and various other car accessories.